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This project was made possible by the support of the SURF Foundation, the higher education and research partnership organisation for Information and Communications Technology (ICT. For more information about SURF, please visit (www.surf.nl/en). Logo SURF


Here you can find several documents about the progress, evaluation and dissemination of the project results. Since most of these documents are only available in Dutch you will have to view these on the Dutch part of the site. It is, however, indicated which documents are in English. You can access these parts by clicking on one of the links below, which will automatically direct you to the Dutch part of the site.


Project reports

This part contains project plans and progress reports that have been written during the project (all in Dutch). 



This part contains the PowerPoints of some of the presentations that were given by INTUIT project members. For the presentations given during the closing conference a separate link has been created. You can view the presentations of the closing conference via this link.



Here you can find evaluations of material that has been used during the INTUIT project.


Are we still into it? - Symposium English and ICT

Symposium English and ICT, organised by INTUIT/NAP and NUT

Teacher Blog

Read about our teachers' experiences.

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