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This project was made possible by the support of the SURF Foundation, the higher education and research partnership organisation for Information and Communications Technology (ICT. For more information about SURF, please visit (www.surf.nl/en). Logo SURF

Language learning with ICT: Taste of a Real English Blend

On January 30, the closing conference of the SURF project INTUIT, called "Language Learning with ICT: Taste of a Real English Blend" was being held. In INTUIT teachers of English working for the language centres of the universities of Groningen, Leiden, Tilburg, Nijmegen, Utrecht, and Maastricht have worked together for two years. The outcome is an effective blended learning environment in which students can improve their English language proficiency with the help of various existing ICT-tools, such as Blackboard, Dialang, Academic Word List, SET-10, and Ellips.

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In order to let participants experience the results of the project, a dynamic and varied programme had been made. During walk & talk sessions participants got a chance to talk to the teachers involved, and they could see short demonstrations of the programs used during the project. The presentations gave a more detailed insight into the implementation of the tools in the curriculum, the experiences (do's & don'ts, tricks of the trade) of teachers and the evaluation by students.

The conference was intented for educational directors, managing directors of language centres, policy makers, teachers of English and other people who are - as providers or consumers of English language proficiency programmes - involved in the implementation of English language education. During the sessions communication has been in Dutch and/or English.


The closing conference was held at SURFfoundation. Visiting address: Hojel City Center, building D, 5th floor, Graadt van Roggenweg 340, Utrecht


The conference was held on January 31st, but if you want to get an impression of the programme click on the document below:


The presentations from the closing conference are now available! They can be found here.

Presentations marked with * are in English, the others are in Dutch.

Some pictures of the closing conference can be found here.


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