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INTUIT Symposium

On 13 May 2009, the former INTUIT-partners will be organising a come-back symposium. The symposium will be opened by a key note presentation by Prof. Dr. Lut Baten (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven) and Prof. Dr. Jan Van Maele (GROUP T-Leuven Engineering College and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), entitled "CEF, oral assessment and autonomous learning in daily college practice".


After that teachers who were involved in the projects will talk about how they apply different tools in teaching English language proficiency. More information about the programme and registration can be found by clicking the link below:





INTUIT project finished, Language Tool Box available

INTUIT, a project aimed at renewing English language proficiency education at five Dutch universities, is officially finished on April 1, 2008.

One of the main products of the second year, The INTUIT Language Tool Box and its documentation is now available for institutions and teachers and can be downloaded from this site.

On this site you can find all important information about the project, such as descriptions of the pilot studies carried out in year 1, project reports, evaluations, links and an overview of programs used. You can read about the experiences of some project members in the INTUIT Teacher Blog and in some interviews with project members.

Academic Writing and the success of the Language Tool Box

Edith Schouten works at the Language and Communication centre of the Radboud University Nijmegen and INTUIT project member. She is one of the teachers who have used the INTUIT Language Tool Box in their courses. The Language Tool Box is a 'tool kit' containing materials for language learning that are currently used at language centres in some Dutch universities. In the Tool Box materials are grouped together and because it is web based, students can access it everywhere, provided they have an Internet connection. The INTUIT questionnaire, held among students, showed that students of Academic Writing - the course that has been taught by Edith - are very positive about the Tool Box. We interviewed Edith about how she and her students have experienced working with the Language Tool Box.


Tool Box helps students improve on their weak points

Anne-Marie van Hoof is working as senior teacher of English at the language centre of the University of Tilburg, and she is a project member of INTUIT. She has taught the Grammar Skills Preparation Course, a course in which the INTUIT Language Tool Box was used. We asked Anne-Marie about how she and her students have used the Tool Box. Combined with the interview with Edith Schouten, this interview shows that the Tool Box can be used successfully with very different groups of students.


You can find more interviews here.


Are we still into it? - Symposium English and ICT

Symposium English and ICT, organised by INTUIT/NAP and NUT

Teacher Blog

Read about our teachers' experiences.

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